Preface: the AskTRP forum rules are not accessible. It just links to the banned subreddit. So I can't read up on what I can post or ask. If this post doesn't follow the rules, feel free to remove of course.

Anyway, I have a good female friend of mine and she's good fun. No real interest from my side, known her for the longest. (I'd still do her though ^^)

She never had a relationship longer than 3 months and she's 28. She finds most guys Disney Princes and has a hard time committing herself. I'm convinced she has natural red pill beliefs as well. She had plenty of fwb's before, still does. Is attractive, I would rate her an 8 myself and can be intimidating to guys in general, because of the bluntness and open disgust of bp behavior.

Nevertheless, I always wondered why she's not able to keep a guy. I've known her for a very long time. I don't see any fucked up behavior from her side. She's entrepreneurial and has her own successful company with international gigs. But like I said, she takes no shit either, has high demands and is mostly working all the time because of it. And of course she wonders as well.

Now, to be honest: If I were to meet a girl today, that is in her late twenties, attractive and fun to be around. But never had a relationship in her life apart from 1 that lasted 3 months. Then all my bells and whistles would go off...

What redflags would you define in such a girl?


  • no experience in LTR = not knowing what she wants in a partner
  • potential immature handling of an LTR
  • yearly subscription to the local cockcarrousel
  • ready to settle, nearing 30