Started working as a bartender in a restaurant 3 months ago. I know, don't shit where you eat, but it's just a student job for during the weekends. Made out with one of my co-workers during some kind of teambuilding activity. After that she was texting me all the time, asking me how my exams were going, wishing me a happy birthday, ... Both of us were busy with exams so we didn't text for like 4 weeks. Last message she sent me is that I'd get 4 big kisses for my birthday.

Yesterday was my first night back and she was being weird as fuck. I asked her how her exams went and she basically ignored me. She was supposed to do the bar with me, but switched with another girl. Whole evening long she didn't even look me into the eyes, only when she really needed something, she would ask me in some bitchy way. Before she'd always come over, and flirt.

I held frame, just did my job, but I'm just curious. Is she just playing games? Or why is she suddenly acting like a stuck up bitch when nothing happened?