As title states. Have been in a LTR for 2.5 years with a slightly chubby (but somewhat fit) 7. We don't live together and have no kids or mutual financial obligations etc. We are both 27 and have been seeing each other pretty much twice a week since meeting. Sex has been good, she has been mostly feminine and submissive and we've had plenty of fun and conversation has been fairly ok. She has shit tested me many times but I just shrugged them off and she didn't bother again. Basically it's been fun while it's lasted is how it currently feels..

So 8 days ago she messages me on her break at work this huge novel and in summary as the MAIN stand-out things she said were "I want us to progress and that means we would need to look into our living arrangements and maybe in the future live together" and then later said "Lately on my mind I have to be honest in a few years I think I do want to try and have a baby but I know you don't want that.." and last but not least she told me she is in love with me.

Now I read her message and was like ok wtf. For starters I have made it known to her that I do not want to live with someone else or to have children ever. I let her know this early in the relationship and in the middle and lastly about 5 months ago. Each time she appeared to understand and respect this as my choice. She has also previously told me that she did NOT want children, but now has changed her mind.

Since her message out communication has been in bits and pieces. She's distant and so am I. It's like she knows I don't want the things she said and knows I wont budge. But then tells me she is in love with me. Trying to rope me in and lock me down I think?

She asked me today to come stay at her house next week and I'm sort of thinking like wtf now. I don't dislike her by any means but her message was just random and has thrown a curve ball at me.

I called her and was like yeah ok I can do that (I'm horny and take my own condoms so no tampering) but then told her that I definitely don't want children and reminded her where I stand on living with someone. She said she understands and that she still wants to see me and is not ready to give our relationship up.

I guess my questions guys is wtf should I do here? If she cheated and I found out it'd be like ok bye and I'd have a reason. If she got fat and her attitude went to shit it'd be the same thing. But my brain (distant BP conditioning?) is sort of like yes let's not give this up because this is great and sex is good but how the fuck can I see her knowing that she desires a significantly different future to me?

The horny part of me says to continue to be the rock and hold frame and continue to fuck her good and ensure I definitely partake in safe sex in all areas and dispose of condoms correctly (rinsing and flushing) and just accept that the final countdown has begun and that I should enjoy it while it lasts?

Idk. Feedback will be appreciated.