I am in the newbie phase of red pill implementation. I have been told by women and men that I am attractive. I have also had stranger women coming up to me with an excuse just to flirt. This is not some humblebrag validation post but an actual query.

What I have experienced is that a lot of guys will get angry at me just for talking to girls they might have a crush on yet they won't mind if other dudes flirt with them. I have also experienced certain situations where some guys will be really friendly at times but when I talk to girls they are friends with they will gang up on me and start gaslighting me. Even when I have directly stated that I don't necessarily like those girls and they can shoot their shot if they can yet, they will still go behind my back and start rumours about me. The girls most of the times don't mind these rumours but some do. One day a group of guys will act nice and just when I start speaking to some girls in their group the next day they will act aggressive towards me as if I am their enemy. Mind you, all I am doing is talking to these girls just as friends and I literally have no ulterior motive in it.