Second time shes done this. First time she flaked and apologized.

The second time was today, we sort of had miscommunication about meeting up admittedly, but we never called off the date either, nor confirmed it. As I was coming she told me she wasnt home and asked for forgiveness, explaining that she wasnt sure if we were still on because explained the miscommunication and we never confirmed a solid plan.

I understand this, and i wasnt even sure if we were on either, so i find it to be a legitimate reason.

But im not sure if gracefully accepting her apology is weakness too. This means all she has to do is use her words to get out of a future flake. Technically this is the second flake, however it is asterisk, because we never actually solidified the plan and i showed up...? But her asking for forgiveness is admittance of guilt per se, because she probably felt the same way and left the house with me when i was supposed to pick her up.