et this girl through the gym. She was checking me out, I could see from the mirrors during my sets. Feels weird cause I still think there's lot more I can do. Anyways saw her 2-3 times during my workouts and few days back while she was outside and I was heading in, we got chatting. I made her insert her number in my phone.

Later once I was back home, I shot her a text and then set up logistics. Cheap drinks 2 days later. On the day of she called me twice to confirm. Drinks were good, she mirrored my kino. She couldnt stop touching me evertime I made a joke or teased her. POst that I suggested we go to my rooftop for a nightcap. Over there she sat next to me under my arm. Stroking her arm then lower thigh.

The conversation got to hair pulling and I got a hold of her hair. She was straddling me and then when I went in for a kiss. She moved her head back and "what are you doing". Wont lie that caught me off guard. Pushed her head back and smiled but internally I was feeling off. Tried again later on but same response. Maybe she could sense it. I think I should have ploughed through but what is done is done.

I guess I'm now one of her orbiters or so she thinks. I'll accept the loss but at least I know TRP lifting has made an effect.

Planning on setting up logistics late next week if she doesnt hit me up, if she does I'll set up for 2 days later.

Learnings: Lifting helps build confidence and helps even though Im not a beast, people notice Im fitter than the average man Cold approach works He who hesitates masturbates, I could have pushed through her shit test but idk I'm a little reserved and the whole #metoo doesnt help