So I installed Badoo to see if there was a 4X year old skank for an easy lay, and I matched with a "18" year old girl in a few minutes (everyone that knows how Badoo in South America its aware is a low quality woman fuckfest).

This girl looked really nice (8.5 points, lets call her L) and we talked for a while (I even belived she was a bot or hired person just to bait you into the app), she was smart and had good tastes (punk/metal music, books, etc.) so I asked her out expecting her to schedule with me the next day or so, but she was all about meeting that day. She lived kinda far from my house (1 hour travel on bus) so she was waiting for me to pay her the ride in uber (she didnt asked directly but it was implied) So I did, I took the gamble and asked a uber to go pick her up (previously she asked me if her female cousin could go with her and I said yes).

So I was waiting for her to arrive with her cousin in uber thinking about how bad could that go but she arrived and it was real. I took both of them to a bar just below the flat im renting (kept that a secret) and we talked for a while (the convo was going really well but L was kinda shy, and the cousin was an obvious party slut), her cousin started to feel like a thirdwheel so I offer them to go for a walk in the neighbourhood (it is winter here and really cold, so I expected them to have cold) we walked a few meters and they started to complain about how cold it was, so I told them if they wanted to go up to my flat and listen some music there while chilling with beer, L doubted for a while but the cousin agree. We went the three of us to my flat and we went to my room (we rent the flat between 3 childhood friends), we talked a few minutes while listening music and I asked by whatsapp to my friend in the other room if he wanted to join so he could be my wingman and took the cousin from me (she was an easy lay), he did that, he came to the room talked with the cousin for a while and asked her if she wanted to go buy beers with him (hes the mvp here), they went out and there I stood alone with L.

She was shy but talked a loooooooooot (a lot about her family, her studies and her musical tastes we both shared) So we talked, we talked and we talked, I was having a feeling she was talking that much cause she was shy, when my friend and the cousin started fucking in the other room, I started approaching her. I did some light kino, she didnt resist so I started hugging her and kissing her, after a few seconds I was turning off the lights banging her agaisnt the walls. But still I felt something wasnt right, she was responding very well but not initiating, so I asked her "Are you a virgin?" she stood frozen and said "No, of course not", so I use all my trp knowledge and went really rough on her, pulled her hair, spanked her and all the jazz, but she stopped me from going to her pants (a few times) so I asked her "what was wrong" and she told me "she was on the period", I told her I didnt care about that, and that I was a vampire (shes really into vampires) she laugh and told me she cared about that even if I dont, so we keep making out i took all the clothes of her from the hips above but never the pants (she was still resisting) that cycle repeated 2 times with weird silences between them until she leave when her cousin was done fucking with my friend. I was really confused, I though I didnt liked her, but was so into doing every except fucking.

I walked them to the door and said my goodbyes only to be kissed by L and told "I will write you later". So after they leave, I asked my friend how it went, he told me about what he did and I told him about what I did. When I finished my recap of the night he told me: "Ohh so thats what happened, the cousin told me L was a virgin and she didnt handle men well, even her mom bullies her about being a virgin" Then everything clickled and I told myself "what a retard I am" Trust you instinct guys, I didnt trust mine and look how that went.

Now I dont understand why lying about that, and how she still kissed me while I was being really pushy with her. I kept chatting with her today by whatsapp but it was only a few words to each other (shes not showing interest maybe) But I chatted with her cousin too and I played silly and told her I was sorry about being maybe a bit pushy with L, and that I even asked her if she was a virgin cause she was being too passive. Now here comes a weird thing, the cousin played a fool about telling my friend about L being a virgin, and she went along with L history about being on her period and that I need to wait for the next time to give it another try. Why the cousin told my friend L was a virgin and its still telling me she was on the period and saying shes not a virgin?

Im confused.