Hi, I am 33 and just started mingling after ending many years of marriage. I am getting lots of numbers from OLD, day/lunch break game, night game, and in the clubs. Four times in a row I have encountered stiff LMR. I tried backing off, I tried escalating again. Sometimes I succeed in the escalation, but the girl always seems to remember that she decided that it's over. These escalate quickly from meet to date to hook up at my place.

  1. 19 year asian old from Bumble. we are hooking up downstairs in chairs. O from my hands alone, access to everything. I want to move upstairs, I pick her up, carry her upstairs, lay her down on my FLOOR BED (is this the problem?? girls who like you will do you in a bathroom stall), and suddenly she's LMR city after another orgasm.

  2. 26 year asian old from jury duty. we are hooking up outside in my back yard. hot and heavy, she's submissive, loves getting choked. shirts off, condos above us, she doesn't care. access to everything. move her inside and LMR, orders an uber while I do dishes

  3. 22 year old brazilian from night game. bring her back another night, she comes back to my place with my friend, leaving her friend. that took a lot of work for me to get her separated, she really liked me. my friend bounces, we're hot and heavy. then LMR. By this time I'm pretty good at dealing with it and I kept attraction and she'll be back in my city in a few months, and she keeps in touch.

  4. 20 year old white girl from lunch break game. super super hot, sporty, lil black dress, jean jacket, white high tops. same day she BYO's to my place wearing loose shorts and tank top. again, my friend, i am in there, all access, she's grinding, whispering, hands free. she requests a couch, i suggest a room, bring her up, her dog cries (literally her dog was chillin downstairs), and it's not happening anymore. I eventually escalated back real well with her but she dipped. This is recent and she's sending me paragraphs of breakup text to which I am playing cool, making her laugh, and now leaving her on read. she can text me perhaps if she ever wants to come over and try again, or i can hit her up in some weeks.

Am I not building enough attraction? They're getting naked and hot until they go to my room. Is it literally my floor bed? I own whole house in the city but I'm kind of a cowboy and I sleep on the floor. I display wealth and value. They're down to hook up on a stool in my living room but not a floor bed?

Or wait, is that the problem? Am I destroying the tension of the hook up when I move it to another room? I am hands free on these ladies, they're naked and moaning, do I really need to re-create sexual tension again when I move them? Would I get the lay if I had stayed downstairs and done it on my bar stools and bar?

One of my friends suggested that none of these times did I place the girl's hand anywhere, or demand some kind of sexual favor. In my old strategy, I always please the girl for a long time until she uncontrollably wants me. Are these girls feeling awkward that I'm not demanding anything from them and focusing on them?

Either way I'm getting really good at playing it cool with LMR since it was shocking to me at first. I didn't used to encounter it, though, so it seems like there is a better way than beating it, rather, don't encounter it. Having sex would be awesome though