What are your thoughts on women lying to string you along?

Many guys in the community blame guys for falling for this, but that’s stupid in my opinion. There’s a difference between a subtle lie to protect your feelings, and then a beckoning lie to get you attached under a false pretense.

I personally still think that even little lies to protect feelings are dangerous, as is evidenced by the men who hear these little lies 1,000 times in a row and they don’t know they need to better themselves until years later, and then they just marry a lady hitting the wall because it’s easier.

So, in my opinion, lies are bad. I had a girl chasing me and I just ghosted her like a decent human being. I could’ve kept her chasing for the continued validation, which she was giving a lot of, but that’s a dick move.

Is there anyone here who can’t accept even the smallest lies or is it just me?