I'd recommmend Aaron Clareys "The Menu" as a must read for men that are making the decision to leave the dating arena. For most men, most of our actions in our life since puberty have been at least partially motivated by the pursuit of women - your career choice, hitting the gym, dressing well, friends, living location etc. It's clear the dating space is completely unsalvegable at this point and most men will fail to achieve what they traditionally define as a health stable relationship with a women, even after putting the effort . Problem is, once you make the calculated decision to leave the dating arena, you realize how many things you have done in the past where the result of pursuing women and suddenly those things have less meaning and your motivation plummets - usually it catchse you by surprise until you introspect further. "why am I working at this job that sucks 50 hours a week? - oh it's because I'm trying to make more money since I heard women like financial security "why do I live in this overly priced apartment next to a trendy area - oh it's because I heard that women like a man with a nice crib" "why did I spend 100 dollars on a custom tailored dress shirt - oh its because when I puirchased it i was trying to bring out my v-taper for women". you need to re-direct your motivation towards a new purpose - community, passions, health - freeing up your time and energy towards what makes you happy, completely indepedent of the opposite sex.

You may start doing odd things that belie your perviously manufactured personality like buying your clothes from a thriftshop because you are longer trying to impress women. you my choose to suddenly work only 20 hours a week since there is no motivation to work extra to impress women. If you were a victim of the PUA "game" scheme you may suddenly find yourself reverting back to your introverted reserved self when you go out - choosing to relax and enjoy a drink in solititude rather than work on your "game" by chatting up women and strangers.

I can tell you, re-directing and changing your habits towards fufilling your vision, completely independent of women (and I mean completely) is one of the most freeing, eye opening, and peaceful things a man can do. you day to day activies will not be frought with anxiety / work / stress from trying to acheive things or do things for women, but will be replaced with a peaceful calm and no expectations to the future, as you will be intrisincally motivated versus extrinsically motivated. you will know you've finally acheived inner peace when there are no expectations and you are fine with it - when it's been a few years since your journey and you suddenly think "huh, I havn't been on a date in 3 years and I simply don't care"

The one thing you will miss is human touch, but I can tell you from a cost/benefit standpoint that the benefits far outweight the costs.