I used to not have standards for the quality of people I kept around in my life. Now I want a high quality of male friends to form a tribe/brotherhood.

Basically I can't stand to be around guys who are losers anymore. I want to be around physically fit, highly motivated guys who have a grand vision of life. I can't enjoy being around guys who live hedonistic lifestyles because it's not something I enjoy anymore and it stalls my progress. I don't even want to be around guys who aren't physically fit. They should at least workout or play some sport.

But this is making me feel very lonely. I only have 2-3 guy friends I'm close with. I'm about to finish University and I made no close friends in University other than a few acquaintances. I spent 2 years of Uni in lockdown (it's a 3 year course here).

How do I find more guys like me and make more friends? I'm feeling very lonely and I don't know how to deal with it. Somebody please help