I knew a girl who had an older male employer. She was like 27 and the employer was 50 I think. Her employer would always comment some beta sounding shit, like a childish nickname (think for example if her name was Jennifer and he called her Jenners). Once the employer left that job he started commenting on her stuff calling her beautiful and stunning and gorgeous and stuff and one time he posted like three separate comments like this on one picture with a ton of hearts and in another comment on the same picture said said “love you!” with a heart. She replied “love ya!” Or “love ya too!” Or something. I thought the “love ya” was her deferring and not expressing the same excitement because she wasn’t and hadn’t ever been attracted to him.

I thought he was just a perverted simp because he’s not attractive but today I saw a post from a girl I know fucked some fat guy at some point, and the fat guy posted some friendly inspirational message and said “Love you!” At some point and the girl responded to his long message with “I love ya!” And three hearts. I know for a fact that that girl fucked that guy. I mean that guy was that girl’s age unlike the scenario with the first girl, but the point is I wonder if all these whores are just fucking their bosses or any ugly fuck that’s around them enough. Neither of these guys are attractive. Maybe they’re somewhat alpha to an extent but not really “alpha”, more like not exactly beta.

I don’t care about either of these two girls but I’m curious.