As title, my LTR got pregnant. I know it's was my mistake to believe her calculation of the period start date. We were having sex without any protection. My big mistake.

Please give me an advice what to do next. I have a great interest in her but making her as my wife is not never my thought. Being in a relationship and being in a marriage is totally different. In the LTR with her, I have also spin many plates. This is a reason why I can still keep that great interest for the LTR. But, when committing to a marriage, I will loose that freedom and eventually the marriage will a hatred. I am 24 and I want to experience lots of thing except engaging in marriage.

That's for the girl. Now for the kid. When she first announced me that she got pregnant. I did not want to tell her to abort the child because it's a soul already. Aborting is murder. Also, I dont want to leave the child for her alone. You may all know, kids raised by single mom have many problems. But, when the marriage becomes a hatred, its not good for the kid too.

Please brothers, if you have any experience in how to it responsibly for the child, he has my DNA. Please tell me what to do.

Thank you.