Say you have a regular looking guy, doesn’t work out much, isn’t very wealthy, spends a lot of time on video games, regular guy. But he has all the Redpill knowledge. He knows not to validate women too much. He knows LTR’s are a bad deal so he is very reluctant to enter one (keeps distance from the girl emotionally). He doesn’t fall in love and act soft after getting pussy.

On the other hand you have a guy who works out a lot and looks amazing. Wealthy. Much handsomer than the regular guy. But he has no redpill knowledge. He drives hours out to see the girl at her place, pays for all the dates, hands out validation and compliments. Treats her like he is ready to jump into a relationship.

Who is the real alpha, who is going to get the girls? Is it a matter of the external or internal.

Would a girl really choose a lesser guy who barely wants to give himself to her over a huge catch who is ready to give himself to her.