So I have this plate im spinning since a few weeks, shes kinda nice and fun when we are together, i get a lot of possitive reactions from her. But when we are apart shes giving me mixed signals by text, like writting me and sending me pictures of her daily life, then if I reply fast she goes cold, if I dont reply she gets more invested.

Today after ignoring her complety for a day or so. She send me "I miss you", i tried to schedule with her after that but she was again being ambiguous about going out. I got pissed and told her "send me a message when you decide what do you want" and then she started to talk me about her mental issued and hows shes depresssed and unstable with ups and downs. Should I ignore o or just tell her " You're in charge of your own happiness and mood, the most I can do you is giving you a good time. Good luck"

PD: I know mental issues = no ltr