My LTR of 7 months recently rekindled a friendship with a guy who she's known for years, however due to the guy friend being in a toxic relationship wasn't allowed to talk to her for the duration of said relationship. He's out of that now and they're friends again.

My LTR has issues with trauma and severe insecurities about herself, she doesn't have many girl friends, only one.

She has been very open with the fact that she's friends with this guy, I brought up concerns previously stating that all guys have one intent, to fuck. She has been trying to convince me otherwise, calling him 'a beautiful soul' and 'harmless' aka the guy she tells you not to worry about meme.

I met him last night, SMV lower than mine, we actually got along well, however my GF seems it's totally fine to have this guy round to hang out one on and one and drink alcohol with, a lot of alcohol, I was there this time but there's the implication it will be done in my absence too.

Obviously this is breaking my boundaries and is unfortunate that my girlfriend is so close to a 'guy friend'/orbiter.

How do I handle this situation, I've read conflicting advice on TRP, such as applying dread, confronting, or not caring and assuming the alpha role of 'if she cheats, she knows what happens'.

What would be the optimal perspective, I accept that I cannot just stop caring, I've tried, clearly I started this LTR within her frame which is my mistake.

Any advice would be appreciated.