I am a single man about to turn 35 in a few months. I deactivated and haven't used Instagram and Facebook in over a decade. I recognized early back then how distracting it was and how much time it consumed. I also to this day still believe it is very superficial, toxic and unhealthy as it's all about clout and validation. Just speaking for myself, it makes me unhappy. I refuse to be a fan for these thots. The same applies with online dating which I don't use anymore as well. The only social media I use are anonymous ones that give me knowledge and information such as forums, reddit, and YouTube. Not judging people that still use them- these are just personal thoughts.

During my hiatus from IG, I've been successful in dating and getting laid with very attractive girls I met in real life at work, the gym, etc. I have a pretty good SMV and get a lot of choosing signals out in the real world. I always thought it made me stick out from the crowd when girls ask for my IG and I tell them I don't use it.

However, recently I noticed that this may actually be hurting my dating life as I am missing out. I have a great life without IG and go out frequently to meet women, but I feel like not having IG may be deterring me from getting more girls or maintaining them due to social proof. I feel at times I've lost opportunities with some women just because they think I'm weird or I'm trying to hide something. My boy shared me his stories last night while we were at the bar and NGL he uses IG as a great tool showing how he is living his life traveling and hanging out with other beautiful women. I understand why he smashes so many baddies as it definitely attracts other women when they see him already with baddies so they chase.

I guess I've been torn lately to see if I should reinstall IG to start building social proof again to help increase my SMV even though it goes against my gut feelings of how bad it is and also if it's even worth it after being out the game for so long.

I guess I'm just reaching out to see if others are in the same boat as. I don't want to conform to societal pressures , but the older I get I am realizing that "it is what it is" and that IG is a necessary requirement to obtain women these days. Also, being in my mid-thirties, I am trying to meet younger girls in their 20s and I know social media is basically ingrained in their heads at this point.

Appreciate y'all fam!