This doesn't get enough discussion on TRP. How does wealth increase sexual options? The way I see it as a dude who majored in Economics its this. Money Is A Need, Women Are A Want. Money pays the rent,utilities,mortgage etc. I'm not going to lie here. I've only had sex with 1 girl back in 2016. Sex to me wasn't all that dope. Chick was a stripper but after it just seemed like it was a good ego boost and the pleasure was overhyped. Compared to having millions if not billions in the bank you can rent a private jet and fly anywhere on the globe, or in first class. You can go to concerts with dope artists. Go to high end museums. Overall it seems like money obviously just increases your standard of living. More and more each day I'm starting to feel like my primary love outside of family in life is money. What do you guys think about dollars, dinars, rupees, roubles and pound fucking sterling?