This plate just came back after a failed branch swing, (she got played by the dude lmao) I just want sex tbh, and I’m seeing other girls so no big deal. how would you respond if at all, (last few months with her she was flaky, bad behavior all that)

yo j wondering what u consider us as bc the way we straight up don’t speak anymore like i been going thru sum mad shit lately but still and my friends told me today they found ur new tinder acc and, i’m not dumb if you’ve been talkin to other bitches u can j straight up say it at this point bc you’ve been secretly using that app like the entire time we’ve been together but anyways idk i feel like you kinda treated me shitty a lot of the time so fuck u for that but maybe i’m j projecting onto u rn either way ig i’m j wondering wtf we doin