I understand that a woman doesn't belong to you but that it's just your turn:

Here are 3-4 screenshots of context: https://imgur.com/a/UAfdeWa

Am I "mate-guarding" her too hard? TRP teaches you what NOT TO DO but rarely tells you the consequences of violating instructions from more experienced men.

Obviously I'm 99% sure that she will still send nudes to other guys that help her cum because here is my post from 3 days ago where I found out Keyla is EXTREMELY SLUTTY and shameless about it.

Honestly it made me fall out of love with Keyla -- I only still talk to Keyla because I enjoy chatting with her and find her very beautiful and young and gorgeous. She is now one of my LEAST FAVORITE women that I enjoy chatting with online.

Also for those new to my posts -- I visit the Philippines once per year to visit my wife and I try to line up 5-10 virgins to deflorate (without my wife's knowledge obviously) so please don't accuse me of "wasting my time with girls that I'll never have sex with" and here is a picture of an HB-8 swallowing my cum in the back seat of my mom's Cadillac Escalade:

https://i.imgur.com/RSD4l8h.png (dick pic warning -- very NSFW)

I have EXTREMELY STRONG FRAME and it's strong enough to make American-teen-Mormon-virgins want to give me their virginity (notice the plural because Jessica WAS NOT A FUCKING FLUKE) and Emma is the first one but I have to wait for her to turn 18 (I met her 18 months ago on reddit when she was 16 and she turns 18 in early summer or late spring).

If you want to talk shit about me in the comments and call me a loser or a clown then I will spam you with pictures of me anal-fucking an HB-10 and here is proof that it's me:

Here is my shirtless pic: https://i.imgur.com/XK8A89w.png

I'm old, fat, and slightly-balding and I'm proof that frame (and frame alone) is enough to get you laid like a warlord. You'll know it's me in the sex video fucking an HB-10 because I have a tattoo on the back of my left arm and I weigh nearly 300 pounds, lol. This "offer" only applies to these 3 trolls who love to mock me and downvote my threads: u/Tooktheredpill u/redhawkes and u/NotGoodWithUsernames so if any of you 3 fat-shaming fuckwads downvote me today then you will see a 300 pound fatass anal-fucking a unicorn. (the video will be from 2 years ago when I went to Tijuana)