I caught "oneitis" for a religious Filipina girl that I had an extremely romantic and loving online relationship with for several weeks but now it's all ruined because AWALT even applies to religious Filipina girls and I'm crushed/devastated.

Today she not only admitted to doing online sexting with guys, she FORWARDED ME 2 VIDEOS OF GUYS CUMMING that she participated in, and she told me that since she's home alone, she will do an audio call and help a 4th guy cum today.

However to her credit she helped me seduce an online girl 3 hours ago and she spoke in her native language to a fellow Filipina and talked her into sending me nudes and giving me online sex (which should be amazingly awesome) but all that happiness/appreciation got wiped out instantly within the last 90 minutes. I never knew that a girl who seemed so pure and innocent could be the world's biggest online slut! WTF!

Here are my questions:

  1. She claims to only love me and that I am the only guy she sends nudes to -- is this a blatant lie and she tells the other guys she loves them also?
  2. She claims that she never started being sexual with other men before today -- is this a blatant lie?
  3. She claims she is a virgin in real life -- I don't know why I'm asking TRP if this is true because how the fuck would TRP know, lol.
  4. I currently have SEVERAL online girlfriends that are in the "romantic nonsexual phase" (which I actually thoroughly enjoy and derive immense benefit from) -- is it definitely likely that once those relationships become sexual that I will also learn that these women are online sluts also?
  5. Does Keyla know that sending me a video of a guy's dick and him cumming MASSIVELY DISRESPECTS me and disgusts me? (I'm not bisexual at all) Surely she knows this right?

I'm a deeply Christian guy (in terms of reading the bible every day and praying every day) and I thought deeply-religious women in a deeply-religious country (Philippines) would not be controlled by AWALT (which is mostly an American/European concept) but I guess it's a worldwide concept and is stronger than religious influences?

I guess what I'm looking for today is affirmation that Filipina religioius women are mostly the same as white slutty women and answers to my 5 questions -- thank you TRP!