Hi guys,

I entered the whole pick-up/seduction scene this year and I have already 700 approaches under my belt. The beginning was really hard but I am getting better and better. But still there are some points I clearly have to work on. I am getting "a lot" of numbers but at the same time, a lot of them are flakes and its starting to drain my energy.

Most of time I knew when I got a flake number or not. When I just talked with her 3-4 minutes, got her number and left immediately. I knew this number is a waste of time but now. Sometimes I have 30minutes conversation with girls. I try to talk for 10-15min, getting her number and then to talk some minutes more to build some comfort. And I still get flakes.

I have to admit, sometimes I am not really using techniques like push and pull (I still have to get used to it) or I sexualize not enough? It just does not make sense for me when I talk with her like 30-45minutes, we have a great time and then I dont even get a respond on whatsapp.

I dont write huge texts, its casual as fuck like "Hey Whatsup x, its me y, what you doing blabla..."

I just noticed its drain so much energy when you have so long conversations for nothing. Even if its just 20-30 min but still. I prefer to have a flake number from the beginning than have a good conversation and then nothing, but maybe its just part of the game?

Any advice what helped you a bit?