I'm 20 years old, blessed with good genetics so I've always been able to get laid.

However, about 6 weeks ago, things ended with my "main girl" (FWB) and she did some very petty things right after. I'm not gonna lie, I was hurt by a girl for the first time in ages.

The following week, I felt like shit; second week I had a ONS; almost felt worse after that so I gave myself a week off. But the last 3ish weeks I've actively tried to get laid. Just "gaming" other girls has helped me get over her but I've never in my life had this hard of a time actually getting laid. At the moment, it seems like all the stars have to aline for me to just be able to get a date.

My ego is doing just fine getting "rejected" and flaked on but I've reached a point where I just cba (I feel asexuel lmao) and I barely have time for girls atm. So I would be completely fine with just taking some time off and not gaming girls at all, but I'm scared that it will slow down / revert the grieving-process (that sounds fucking gay but you get what I mean).

What would you recommend regarding my rant above, am I gonna survive even if I don't try to get laid for a month or two, or even more?

What do you when it seems like you have "negative momentum" when it comes to girls?