I just got off 3 weeks of antibiotics from fucking a tinder hoe (chlamydia). The injection plus two pills didn't work so I had to go on 14days of doxy plus 4pills.

My plate and I stopped seeing each other cause she caught feelings and honestly after this whole std scare I am so turned off from sleeping around. I just want to find something worth while.

Whats the point of getting to know these people sharing intimacy and then never seeing them again? It's honestly draining and time consuming.

Last year I broke up with my fiance and its just been a series of situationships and fuck buddies. I am starting to feel lonely. I have health problems that makes it hard for me to do sports n shit where I can meet other cool dudes to network with. Most of my friends live in a city nearby and are settling down so i dont go out with them to chop girls.

Honestly dont know what to do, feeling depressed. Sometimes I feel so low I wish I never left my fiance, even if she was bad for me.

What can I do on a weekly basis to improve my romantic life. I have one wing man but he's out of town for the next 5 weeks. What do you guys do / have done???