TL;DR Attractive college kid games girls, doesn't sleep with them even though they want him to. Doesn't know if it's due to not enough time or sexual repression/being scared.

I am a first year student in Computer Science, at my University's Downtown Campus. I'm 19, 186 cm and weight 190 lbs. I train at the very least 3 times a week, 4 when I'm lucky.

My schedule is pretty fucking hectic ngl. Between all the assignments, the studying, the lifting and my tutoring job, I somehow lost the drive to get girls. I'll provide a longer summary down below.

I fucked for the first time a few weeks before uni started, back in July. She was a single mom older than me, that I met through friends of friends. Long story short, she wasn't really tight, I felt nothing from the bjs or the sex, the condoms didn't fit and I couldn't really maintain my boner. Mind you, at that time, I had lost 30 pounds and was feeling great, but the experience was shit. Also, I wasn't really attracted to her, I just wanted to get it over with.

I drastically reduced my masturbation and porn consumption since then, my longest streak being 21 days, during which my flatline scared me so much I had to see if my dick still worked and I broke the streak.

The thing that's getting on my nerves is that I've come to realize I'm attractive: all my friends think that when I'm not with them or not in class, I'm fucking. Didn't realize it at first even though some girls overtly told me something along the lines of ''Whoever the girl you're with is, I hope she's special'' when I couldn't show up to plans.

Met a few people at a party a few days ago, we were talking about dating and stuff. One of the girls said this, about meeting girls of my standard: ''It probably isn't too hard for you''. My guy friends make much more comments about it, and I'm not about to break their fantasy.

Speaking of parties: every event I go to, there is always, absolutely always at least one girl who is down to fuck. From saying it, to biting their lips in front of me to "I don't live too far I gotta go grab something at home come with me and grabbing my arm", I don't seem to be lacking options.

However, I don't feel like exercising said options more often than not. I don't know if it's because my mind is clogged by all the assignments and studying I gotta do or if it's because I still have a very bad taste from my first time and don't want to be stuck in an awkward ED situation. It's not 'regret' as in "Rejection is better than regret", it's just that I don't care whether I make a move on these girls or not.

For anyone wondering, yes I workout, yes I watch my diet, yes I get at the very least 8 hours of sleep (still feel tired as hell when I wake up). Also, I got a doctor's appointment on the 30th, planning to ask questions about my T-levels