Had first date with her, she seemed really high interest and expressed wanting to see me again. But problem is she has really high masculine energy. She talks really loud, if I try to set the date location and setting she tries to change it. Last time I went around her area, so this time I asked her to come to mine and she doesn’t want to, I suggested we watch a movie she suggested we get dinner and golf instead. Seeing this masculine energy from her, I threw my Hail Mary and asked if we can do movies and pizza at her place so I have an opportunity to fuck (I don’t have my own place taking care of parents). She said no she doesn’t let people visit. On top of that I really don’t find her physically attractive I just wanted to smash one or two times. To me it seems like she just wants a bf she can control, that she won’t easily have sex with. Should I just cut my losses and cut her off, I spent 60$ on the first date, so I guess that will be down the drain. Should I next this girl?