alright Chaps ex LTR ended things 7 months ago. has been hitting me up for validation over the last few months that ive been ignoring, until she said she missed me and wanted to talk about us. Foolishly i went along and we met had a nice night - ended with her crying down the phone to me saying shes terrified that trying again will just waste her time and that im just being this way to dump her back - ok. calling me all the nicknames and begging me to come over and hug her to sleep (i live an hour away and was in bed by then)

Recently reached out again as I'm leaving the country for a new job and she's pissed - we had again a nice night, lots of IOI from her but shut down when i dropped her home as she wasn't sure and it could be risking a lot. Basically said she thought i cheated on her and was just lying. I have not and am not - I leave and just say that yes i love her (she laughs - ouch), say that i wish things were different and to call me if she wanted to talk

She messages me again asking if im in the office - i say no and she just ghosts. had plenty of time to message me back all of yesterday but didnt bother.

What is the issue here (is it hot and cold or just cold and cold?) shall i just ghost her back or send a message asking wtf?