As a person I like being upfront about my intentions and don’t hesitate to lead or to make plans with people. Im a very social person and I feel like I get my energy by being around other people and I don’t like being at home doing nothing. Lately after breakup with my ex I’ve been trying to socialize a lot more and go out much more often

However I’ve noticed some of the group of people that I have some of the deepest connections with, literally Minick female behaviour. When I try to make plans they either are reluctant or don’t say anything and I have to convince them to come out. They are very indecisive people in general and bluepilled when it comes to their relationships, and I’ve seen them display some of these traits in their behaviour. They spent their days texting their girls and meeting with them (they’re all broken up now)

Despite that I’ve even told them recently that it’s okay to say no if they don’t want to do something. It’s much better than beating around the bush or being afraid to say something. Ironically when I’m busy doing other stuff they’ll complain that I didn’t invite them and what not.

At the same time am I displaying clingy behaviour that’s turning people off? Ill usually get to the point “let’s do x at y time whose down”. These are very fun people to be around and they enjoy my company but I’m not sure if theyre just indecisive people or if I’m just being too clingy and needy or display that when I don’t get a straightforward and decisive answer.because sometimes I do display my frustration when people aren’t clear with me