Hi guys, this is going to be a post mostly about my insecurity and id like your advice and help on how to handle it.

I've been in an LTR with this girl for over 10 months now. Im 20 and shes 19. For the past month she has been giving me hints that she wants to come over to my place. Whenever she would aske I would always come up with an excuse and we'd just move on. However, a part of me wants to invite her over but I dont know, I just have this weird feeling and fear inside of me and I dont know what it is. I always come over to her place, I know her dad, mom and her siblings etc...

Whereas my family isnt like that. Its just me and my mom living at home and our home isnt the best. Part of me is embarrassed about it and I feel like if she was to come over she would hate it ? Why am I like this? The inside inst generally bad, i have a nice chill room but you can hear a lot, people walking around other rooms etc, the walls arent the best.

Anyway, long story short, I am scared to invite my LTR over to my house because I am embarrassed of it and I think she will hate it and not want to ever come back. She is attached to me and so far we have been going strong and already have 2 holidays planned for the near future and Christmas. Please give me some advice on how to handle this.