TLDR background; stay with parents until 25 yo and have enough for a 20% / $200k deposit thus just using air bnb's / hotels when banging girls OR rent a fancy unit in city until 30yo before having 20% / $200k deposit...

TLDR Q:How have people found going on dates then renting an Air bnb or hotel for the night during the date as it is going well... Or is this just a logistical nightmare?

Continued: Hi all got a massive pay rise recently and as my 21st is coming up I've decided to start being more cleaver with $ and begin saving for a deposit rather than blowing it all on fast cars...

Trying to work out if it is possible to rent a hotel / air bnb on the spot towards end of date for easy fuck logistics? How have others faired with this?

Background: I have spent the last 2 years living in a different city from my parents and in my own appartment (as a 19/20 yo) I got great results (proved to myself what I needed to) and feel like I am coming towards the end of my 'hoe phase' as people have probably seen if following my post I am shifting my focus on girls for LTRs... Note: this does not mean living together! I will not do this until I've decided she will mother my children.

However unfortunately or fortunately I am now extremely fucking picky since finding the red pill BC Ive seen it all... So it might take a while (I am only 20 still so have yonks).

Situation with parents: My parents have specificlly said they don't want me bringing over a new girl every week as they know what I have been like while in this city. Don't want me being a 'bad influence' on step bro 15yo. However, have suggested that I can have a girl over if they get to know her in a more traditional 'girlfriend capacity'. Part of the reason I want to stay with them is not only BC I'll save $ fast but also BC their house is fucking nice! Talking 3 stories, rooftop bar overlooking the city, pool, 5 car spaces, 6 ft fence with security system.... The works essentially! And I plan to buy it off them soon as they are getting older and want to downsize.