Hey guys so i have been spinning this plate for a few months and everything is polarized. She submits to me in and out the bedroom.

Yesterday when we were having sex, we were really into it, she was on top grinding hard and we were sort of breathing into each others ears and moaning. I know they love that shit.

I spanked her as she was grinding and it got more intense, spanked her again a few seconds after and it got more intense again.

Then after a few more seconds i spanked her harder, a nice solid one. And she screamed "No!" which sort of killed my mood, because we were having rough sex. It sort of made me feel rejected as a dominant, if that makes sense, and the whole bdsm dynamic is improtant to me. I know for sure some girls love hard spanks and ive spanked girls harder and they loved it.

I know this sounds petty but i am sort of thinking about soft nexting. From past experience usually when a girl doesnt let you ravage her fully, her attraction is dropping because this is "alpha" sex. Am i being close minded here or maybe i just genuinely crossed the pain threshold she liked.

Or am i a dumbass and just spanked too hard, and girls have different limits.