When I go to college, I always see people in groups of 5-6. I am in 3rd year now (a 4-year degree).

I don't have the charisma to make people follow me. I try to lead and stuff but people just don't care, maybe I am not cool enough or charismatic enough, I don't know. I am very awkward at making new friends.

Specifically speaking, How can I be a guy who is at the centre of attention in a group and make people want to hang out with me?

I am going to read "How to win friends influence people" but many people say it's outdated but the core principles remain. So, any other book which is like the modern version of "How to win friends influence people"? I plan on reading "How to win friends influence people" either way.

Another book I was thinking to read was "The art of small talk" by Debra fine...but...It was written by a woman so I am a bit skeptical regarding reading it.

Any guidance will be appreciated.