I am not asking for the meaning of life. I think there is no meaning other than to live.

I am having sex, I have friends who I go out with every weekend, I am doing good in my academics.

I am doing pretty good but I am not happy or fulfilled, I know there is nothing like 24/7 happiness, I am not expecting it, but I am expecting something at least close to it.

I am doing what I always wanted to do thanks to the TRP. I am lifting, gaining muscles, eating nutritional food (I have a dietitian).

Everything seems so pointless, even when I travel somewhere, I can't seem to enjoy it, It's kind of pointless.

Why do I wake up and put on skin masks to look better?

I like doing all of the things I mentioned above but I don't enjoy anything or feel fulfilled, I try to do everything I want to do, but it is just not fulfilling and enjoyable.

It just feels so suffocating, I am not suffering from depression or anything.