LTR of 6 months ghosting me, we had plans to meet on Sunday and then she said how she wouldn’t be able to meet until “later that night”. I asked her what time and she said “no idea” and then I asked if I should come or not the next day and she said “I’ll let you know” I left the message on read and she never responded and it’s been a full day.

She then posted on her story the next day “you glow differently when you have good people in your life with good intentions”

I’m suspecting a branch swing and have had a feeling in my gut recently, after she removed me from her private story and changed her phone Lock Screen. She also 3 weeks ago texting me saying “we need to talk” but I just replied with “about what” which she never answered, and I just acted oblivious then hit her up to hangout to which she agreed (mistake I know) it was an effort by me to show that I cared, but looking back I feel like it made me look weak.

It doesn’t make sense because last week she saying how she hates leaving me after we hangout and hugged me for 5 minutes straight.

She was always very submissive in the past and even obsessed telling me I was the most attractive guy she had seen in person. I was also the first guy she had been with but a lot of the time I was cold and distant (Majority of the time I only showed physical affection) and she even suspected I was cheating on her a few times (to be fair I was)

Im planning on just nexting her as I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing me chase after her and I already imagine she has a replacement ready. Her friends and mother also dislike me very much and tell her I treat her poorly and everything. I feel like it could be a win-win for her in the aspect that if I never text her it will show her I never cared which will make her feel like her decision is right, but if I do she’ll get validation that I still want her. Tbh I do want to salvedge the relationship because of how good she treated me but I don’t think it’s possible Thoughts?

Should I ghost, or break things off?