Hello everyone,

There is not much to rant about my LTR actually. I just wanted to ask for some advice of framing. I'll get down to the details.

I have been a student of RP for about a year and a half now. I've been dating my LTR for about 9 months. The relationship started off as a FWB thing and things started to really progress after she shown me she was capable of being my girlfriend. Alot of green flags, little red flags.

I'm 25, She's 23. My N-Count is 46, if that matters. I lift 4 - 5 times and I've always been in good shape. I've been maintaining a good frame. Always confident, cocky, charming. Never have I shown jealousy or any type of mate-guarding behaviors to her. Although I do know about dread game, I don't think I've actually applied it to my LTR. I never really saw the reason to. Sex is still mindblowing, always better than the last and her squirting out a lake everytime. I am an extremely busy person (own financing company) and she is extremely compliant and submissive. Always looking out to make my daily life a little better (bringing food to work, washing my clothes, changing my bedsheets). Things are fucking dandy.

Now, the frame. Ever since the past few months, I've grown very fond of her. I have massive fucking oneitis. I can feel myself getting insecure about myself and scared I am going to lose frame although I've never lost it. I can feel myself getting a bit more protective of her. The quote "She was never yours, it was just your turn" truly is starting to scare me with this girl. What do i do brothers? No matter how much I keep ignoring these insecurities, they keep coming back. and I know that if my internal game is getting weaker, my external game is going to be affected soon. How do I keep my internal game strong? Please give me all the raw advice that I need.

Best, SavingsParamedics