I've been dating a cute 20-year old girl for a year now. I'm 33 years old. We get along great. We enjoy traveling, watching movies, and so on. She's a pretty smart person who's studying odontology.

The bad: I've been having second thoughts about continuing our relationship. I was unaware of red flags before coming to TRP, but now after reading so many threads about them, there's a few things I don't like.

The big thing I don't like: she has 7 tattoos. I didn't think anything bad of them before, but now they disgust me after reading so many negative threads about them. Yesterday she stayed over at my place and burst out crying, she told me that her step father raped her when she was young. Everything I've read about them is true: tattoos mean damage.

Her mother passed away two years ago. I feel like an asshole for considering ending the relationship, but I'm starting to want to settle down. She says she wants to have kids and would love to spend the rest of her life with me.

Now I don't regret the year I've spent with her because frankly, it's been an incredibly fun relationship with many awesome experiences. She bought me a skydiving experience for my birthday, really looks up to me, and seems to be deeply in love.

I can't stop thinking about the red flags, though. Especially her being a rape victim and having so many tattoos is really disconcerting. I can't say it's her fault, but I'm starting to fear that I've only seen her good side so far.

Any thoughts?