Short question so you don't have to read the details, how do you maintain as a plate? This one leaves on a mission in January. So short term plate automatically. Just don't know how often to contact her. Do you always invite over? Do you continue to do dates or just go more for sex faster and frequently? Obviously I need more options, and I'm working on that.

Date Details: We had randomly met twice before. Once I asked her to dance when she was waiting for food. Another time at the lake my buddy sent her over to me for a canoe ride. Got her number after the ride. Only did light Kino during ride and asked her about christians having sex, which she said she is not a virgin.

I took TRP advice and invited straight to my place. Also flipped the conversation when she couldn't make the time, saying give me a couple dates/times. Did a brief walk through the house then we did a hike up my hill in back. At top I stood behind her, caressing and kissing, reaching for the pussy, which she aggressively swatted away. On down the mountain we went.

Once back we played some pool. Shoved my cue up her cooter, and she was unphased making the shot.

Back to the couch, I positioned her back to me and I caressed, tugged her hair. Kissing her neck. She turned around and aggressively came at me like a Xena Warrior Princess. "Take off my shirt" I told her. I worked her top off but she need to instruct me through the front opening bra. I held her hand to the bedroom. "Take my pants off." were my next instruction, and without hesitation, they were off.

I went for her pants and again, swatted hard. But she did suck my tungue pretty good earlier.... So I took my dick to her face. Took forever to get hard even with a little viagra. Maybe fatigue?

It'd be 30 days since female interaction, so I was teatering on an orgasm with a limp dick. Finally, semi erect, I fucked her face hard until I shot a massive load in her mouth. She swallowed everything maintaining suction on my cock as I shoved her face on my dick.

"Better?" she asked.

Right afterwards she had an alarm on her phone to go home (or wherever) . So I walked her to her car and swatted her ass goodbye.

Fun Stats: She is 5'11 fit/jacked/feminine. Nice tits, soft body over her build. Feminine face, thick lips. Leg press 500+. I don't know how one would rate her. She was in a class of her own. 7-9 I'm guessing, 10 doesn't exist.

I'm 5'7 155 lb fit. Yeah her stats are nuts in comparison.