long-ish post, but worth the read imo (tldr at bottom)

recently been thinking about the 'law of diminishing returns' and how it applies to almost every aspect of life, including girls. us guys mainly want sex (amoungst other things), and the difference in the 'sex experience' between an 8 and a 10 isn't huge... but the difference in effort required to get with and or keep a 10 (instead of an 8 or 7) is pretty damn big.

I know a lot of guys might say 10's aren't super hard to get... bullshit. go approach a fucking bombshell Instagram model with 250k+ followers in a Vegas club at a NBA basketball player's table and dancing behind the dj booth and let me know how that goes for you. even if you had god-tier looks and excellent game you'd at best likely have a 1 or 2% close rate.

theres a guy in a niche of the pua community who to says/teaches that to get with a 9's and 10's your best course of action is to host photoshoots for these girls (for their Instagrams), find someone willing to let you use their mansion, find photographers willing to shoot for free, and then DM hundreds of hot girls on Instagram and invite them to the photoshoot... at the shoot network/make friends with the girls that showed up then rinse and repeat and become friends with these girls (not friend zoned, but actual friends), then use these social circles you've created to meet/be introduced to their hot friends... THAT would be a warm open with a ton of social proof, therefore increasing your odds of getting with 9's and 10's (increase, not guarantee). also your instagam needs to be impeccable, at least 20 perfessional photos in high status locations. constant stories of eating at high end restraunts with girls, being at tables in high end clubs (dont pay for the tables, just network with people who do), stories and pictures being on boats with girls who are having fun etc...

that being said this strategy seems like a HUUGE time/effort investment to put into increasing your girls from 7-8's to 9-10's. not just the monumental amount of time setting up the events, but also maintaining possibly dozens of female friends via text and regular meetups.

now onto the girls themselves. dealing with an ACTUAL 10's hypergamy would be like trying to corral Godzilla. A 10 is going to be getting hit up constantly by guys with blue check marks, athletes, actors, oil tycoons, you name it. and keeping a 10 loyal to you without being famous/very rich is going to be difficult. you are going to have to have constant and stellar social proof, solid frame control, you'll have to be at least to a degree spending a fair amount of money on her, gotta have great fashion and body composition, strong masculinity, rock her world in bed everytime, and if you let off the gas pedal even for a second you are rolling the dice on if she'll decide to go for the BBD (bigger better deal) because her options of high value men are endless.

also hot girls tend to (not always) have boring 'basic bitch' personalities, and having an intelligent conversation with them can be very difficult at times.

ANYWAYS, all that being said, I want to get some honest opinions from you guys (esp if you have experience with legit 9's and 10's). is the juice worth the squeeze? all the effort, time, and money spent to smash or LTR a 10, when the actual experience of the sex is only marginally better than a 7 or 8?

btw this isn't a cope. not a incel, ive been spinning multiple quality plates for the last two years and have ltr'd and hooked up with many hotties (not bragging just proof this isnt cope)

tldr; law of diminishing returns strongly applies to getting with and/or keeping a 10/10 girl... is the juice worth the squeeze?? or are you much better off by making yourself attractive enough to consistently get with 7's and 8's (when the sex is basically almost as good as a 9 or 10 with a lot less headache involved)?