I have an ltr that is transitioning to a dom and sub dynamic.

In real life she's extremely obedient and submissive and subconsciously I talk to her like a toddler sometimes.

In the bedroom it's practically and Dom and Sex slave dynamic. I practically hold all the power but I still try to balance it by making her feel secure

One thing I've noticed is that lately through texting she's been trying to relinquish power, usually through shit-tests or teasing. She even texted me that she was trying to bully me. I personally find it hard to take her seriously so I just respond with something like "that's adorable" or "thanks for the laugh you keep trying".

But I'm worried that she's starting to feel helpless/nervous or regrets giving too much power away and this is her desperate attempt at getting that power back? Do I need to give more comfort? I don't want her feeling completely helpless