Hi guys, I’m in a pretty unique situation and I’d like some advice.

So I’ve been doing a work trade program for the past 4 months thousands of miles away from home and this girl. Mostly I did this as a spiritual journey, to learn to love myself more because I had no choice but to be by myself. I’ve read a ton of spiritual books since, and have really put in the work.

Clearly this showed to this chick because she wasn’t interested in fucking anymore before I left, but as time went by she admitted to me over FaceTime that she has feelings for me, touched herself thinking about me and said she wants to do life with me.

Of course my old beta mindset started to take over and I think I have too much validation and started acting sort of feminine, saying things like I can’t wait to see you again cutie etc (you know how it goes).

Fast forward to last week she went to a music festival and has been super distant and odd since, no more nudes no more “good morning cutie” texts etc. So I decided to pull back and let her come to me and she hasn’t since. She doesn’t even seem excited for me to come back. My thoughts are that she met someone new at this festival or she became “empowered” because she mentioned the girl she went with is such a “powerful badass queen” like maybe she’s emulating her?

Anyways sorry for the long read, thoughts and advice would be appreciated