Ive been seeing this F26 for over a year now, turned my plate into FWB. Been fucking on the side while she had a bf, eventually she got preg by me (yes im sure) and was willing to leave her bf to form a family we both caught feelings at this point. Which i said no to, she aborted and grew resentment. My endgame was to upgrade her to relationship after she ended her bf which never happened, she is very femenine, gives great sex and gifts, attention , and her condition was that if we had the kid she would leave the beta bucks. I think the FWB thing ended there, however a month after the abort we kept fucking on the side, 4 months from that point she ended the relationship with her bf and started clubbing and partying, which i attributed to the end of their relationship.

AWALT, my gut tells me she went to ride on the carrousel, after her relationship ended. Last week she gave me the talk and said she wasnt looking for a relationship (at least now), and didnt see a future for us, that she didnt know why we would go out if we werent going to be anything and didnt want sex because she resented what had happened (the abortion) and couldnt get over it (obvious bs). Then suggested we be friends, which i said no to. I also made it clear that i would ghost her if she went that route. I entered her frame a bit by accepting to fuck whenever she felt like it, however towards the end of the date we made out and she said ok i want sex again. This weekend i banged one of my new plates and it hit me, i retook frame, and lost my oneitis shit, also soft nexted this fwb girl since sat. To which she reacted and suggested we see each other.

Tomorrow ill be seeing her, we are going straight to fucking and if she denies sex again (like this last time), im going to just drive her back to her place and say ill be getting it somewhere else and its no big deal, followed by a hard next. Before the softnext happened i asked her to stop calling me babe and love and she kept asking why she couldnt call me that, all week. Even though i told her because other girls could see it and could be taken as a misunderstanding.

Question to all, why during the whole year (including these last few weeks) this girl been giving hints towards doing relationship shit together and saying that all i care about is sex, is my game off or did she really catch feelings at some point?

inb4 shes not yours its just your turn, her actions are matching her words on wanting more than just fwb but then pulls out this i dont want a relationship and sex bs. the last one seemed like a comfort test or a shit test.