Just wanted to share something which happend to me recently. Was dating this chick and there were things that she was doing that were sketchy and there were red flaggs popping all over the place but I chose to overlook them because I thought Im so "based and redpilled" and I can handle anything she throws at me. Wrong, even if she didnt cheat on me she would have.

One night we got drunk and we got into a conversation about threesomes, I tried explaining to her difference between trains and threesomes (as Patrice O Neal saw it) and was generally amused by the whole ordeal. Then, all of a sudden she says she'd like to do the a train with but "you'd be fucking me while the other guy would be touching my pussy". Later she said she gets turned on by other men. I was dumbstruck and didnt know what to say but this gut feeling that I felt for months prior to this increased tenfold. When we were ready to go sleep I tried asking her if she thinks what she said is normal but she just shut me off and accused me off wanting to start another fight. She also said she was using me as an example and she didnt mean it literally that she'd want to do a train with me lol. Logic.

On the next day, I broke up with her over the phone just when she was at some house party (she'd go out quite often and she'd never invite me despite me inviting her a couple of times when I went out, tried confronting her about it a couple of times but to her i was just whining and she gave me some bs excuses as to why she never showed me her friends) RED FLAG. I said I will come on the next day and give her things. When we met she was all in tears, crying, apologizing saying that she had no idea what she was saying that she doesnt need any other men, that none has ever been so good to her, blah blah. I left saying this isnt going to work anymore and blocked her everwhere. Another hell ensued, she started calling me from a bunch of different numbers and finally she used her friends acc on telegram (tho of course I've never even heard of this girl prior to the whole break up) saying she will come to my house and that she needs to talk. We met, she started crying again, beggining me for a second chance, trying to kiss me and hold my hand, said she'd stop smoking weed, that we can together to a next party etc. I left saying Its over. When i came back she was still there waiting for me and was trying all her best to change my mind lol.

After a couple of days she texted me, repeating the same bs she said during our meetings irl and then finally a week later she called me twice. I didnt pick up the phone and that was the end of it.

The way I see it, she thought of me as too meek despite all my "based trad redpill knowledge" and thought she could get away with acting the way she did. When I broke up with her she realized I'm much more valuable than she thought and her behaviour changed 180, she was a better girlfriend for those 3 days than for the entire duration of our relationship. Also redflags are real, if a girl has no father and lost her virginity at 15, you run away even if you are think you are so handsome and intelligent and think you will be able to handle her. You wont.