Pros. She has a very good relationship with her parents. Has a stable job. Submits to me sexually and I can do whatever I want. Is always excited to see me like a puppy is to its owner. Conversation is decent (we laugh a lot which is fantastic) and she very rarely shit tests me in any way. She also cooks for me and often offers to pay for my drinks or food if out or at home ordering. And about a month back I lent her $800 for a sudden emergency cost and today she paid me back in full.

Cons. Is generally bad with money (she told me this as if it was a quirky trait). Has a tongue piercing and a few random tattoos. Has a dog inside all the time, dog hair everywhere, dog sleeps in the bed every night (expect when I stay cause I say no to it). Doesn't exercise and has no hobbies apart from watching movies and walking her dog as far as I can tell. Has no friends. And this might be a bit of a strange one but it bugs the shit out of me, she doesn't keep her new car clean at all. Like, it's fucking filthy most of the time even though she's paying it off.

I've also encouraged her and partially supported her to try some new things and get back into exercise and she used to do it. But she hasn't attempted anything and appears to be in this state of "this is my life now and forever" regardless of what I try to suggest or motivate her towards.

We aren't official even after 18 months. I've told her I don't like titles. However we are still together. Her motivations to do more with her life has been so up and down that I have never had a consistent period with her where I've thought about upgrading her.

It always seems that one week or the next there is always something that has to occur in her life that is negative. In reality it's just how life and but she sort of takes the approach of oh why me, oh no not me again, oh life is hard etc.

She is very sweet and caring/slutty towards me. But I can't figure out how to view it all at this point. I have no reason to end it, but based on her attitude towards life I don't exactly want to make it something more either.

What should I do to help myself right now?