So today (Wed) I have been talking to a girl on tinder and the conversation got turned sexual very quickly (hardly any rapport) and I decided to schedule it for the weekend (even though she was available for me the whole week, but I want to catch up on some red pill sidebar since ive gotten rusty after a recent LTR turning me a little purple pill). For these days leading up should I try and text as least as possible? or should I try and build some rapport (although currently I have passed most shittests and this may be bad)

Also It is very clear that she is coming to my area for sex and I used the excuse "Youll have to come over to my area then for some drinks and netflix" as so she has deniability for her friends. Should I take her to a bar (1 underground stop away, could use underground for kino), or as it is clear she is here to fuck should I directly invite her home for the drink? (keep in mind that the excuse of netflix may be a bit shit then as I have no TV only a macbook).