Over the years Reddit admin have made it more and more clear that they will perform an ideological purge on their website. Some say it's for marketing or to attract investors, but whatever the reason it's clear that ideological homogeny is their goal, and therefore ideas that exist outside the overton window must be destroyed.

And, as with all little boys who chug too much soy, they are completely unable to be direct or aggressive, resorting to passive aggression and lies. Let's just say honor and integrity are not big ones for team soy.

Over the years they've done quite a bit to try to destroy us as a group. Doxxings our mod team memebers, quarantining our perfectly acceptable forums, telling us that male abuse doesn't exist , among other dastardly things.

Reddit admin have done a great job of making a nebulous set of rules that are poorly defined and impossible not to break. When asked for clarification, they do not communicate with their community leaders . They are cowards hoping to destroy the communities one cut at a time.

Must like the fascists they aspire to become, they retrofit new rules to use to punish us for wrong think, all the while not speaking a word to us about what their expectations might be.

They secretly add words and phrases to a global blacklist and ban you regardless of context for certain unspeakables.

They've been slowly picking off our mod team, one at a time, for using every day words, under the guise of hate speech- which, as we all know, is a weapon that exists solely in the minds of those who wield it.

This is one giant shit test, and the admin think we've been playing along to keep along. We have not.

During the last few years, we've slowly siphoned off tens of thousands of users on to our new platforms: trp.red and forums.red, all while pretending our "great fight" with the admin was somehow us expecting them to be rational adults and have a dialog with us.

We knew the injustices were never to be resolved, but every time a new event occurred, we got ourselves a few new thousand subscribers that we would not have had otherwise.

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