I sometimes wonder why some men are more into women who are more assertive, who have more male traits, who also look slightly more masculine. While other men are into submissive types. I myself can't stand masculine women. Some of the masculine traits I'm talking about, are: they can have loud/deep voices. Some talk back like a sailor. They can be unruly and difficult to deal with. And they give off masculine vibes. I don't really attract these types of women, and I'm glad. But I don't find them attractive. If they're good looking, but masculine, I still don't really want them.

Why do I like feminine women more? Why do I attract them more than the other? IMO, I've found that they're easier to deal with. There is not much of a power struggle, since at least she can let me be the masculine figure in the house who provides structure and leadership, while she nurtures the children. I see them more fit to be housewives, and not career women who put their career above their own family and children.

But my question is: why are some men more into one of the two types of women? What are some common traits or characteristics of men who are attracted to one of the two? Why are you into masculine/feminine women, over the other? I've read that more masculine men tend to attract feminine women. I don't know if that's true, but I'm curious to hear your viewpoint.