She works at the store down the road where I regularly shop, and she was super into me at first, or at least she acted like it. I have some idea as to why she may have lost interest, but whatever the reason, now she clearly thinks I'm the kind of guy who deserves to be stood up and then lied to the next day about it. I stupidly bought the obvious lie she used to excuse herself in the moment and said let's reschedule, and she said she'd tell me her days off soon, but I'll be surprised if she actually does, and even if she does, I'm not going to actually try to set another date with a girl who thinks she's too good for me.

Normally in a situation like this I'd just never text her back and forget about it, but I still have to see and interact with her in person regularly. I'm not sure if I should confront her in some way, act cold around her, or just act normal and pretend more or less like none of it ever happened, minus showing any further interest.

I'm leaning towards that last one being the wisest choice, but I also really want to say something. It just feels wrong to take such blatant disrespect without returning the favor, particularly from someone I'll have to look at every week for the foreseeable future. She works at the only store nearby and for long hours most days, often as the only cashier there, so I really can't avoid her without seriously inconveniencing myself.