Hello- I’m in my second year of college and for my anthropology course, I’m studying The Red Pill as a virtual community. So, I was wondering if you can help me by answering some questions. I’ve made background research about the community and scrolled through both TRP and TRPW, but I’m looking for personal opinions and different perspectives. I'm just looking to understand the community from people within the community.

Here are some questions that will help me get a better glance at the community:

1- What defines the Red Pill community? What does it mean to you and what impact does it have on your personal life?

2- At a first glance, it seems like the Red Pill is a movement that targets men. How do you perceive women's involvement in the community?

3- One of the rules in the women's red pill Subreddit is "no feminism", do you think the feminist movement is opposed to Red Pill ideas? If so, how and what’s your own perception of the feminist movement? Why isn’t this a rule in the main Subreddit?

4- Why do you think the Red Pill Subreddit advises women to remain anonymous but the Women in the Red Pill welcomes men openly?

5- What are your thoughts on movements like #MeToo or #AllMen? Do you think they oppose Red Pill's ideas and if so, how?

6- How is masculinity tied to Red Pill's ideas?

I want to disclose that I'm not part of any male/female communities. I'm interested to know what are your opinions and your own experiences, and it will be very helpful for my project. Thank you in advance.