This is a sad story but a true story. I'm obsessed over my first girlfriend. We only dated for approximately 7 months and broke up in June 2019.

Since then, i've been obsessed with her. Time has healed my heart break but I still think about her . I don't stalk her on social media but sometimes i can't help myself and have a peak once in a while (she has a boyfriend now).

I just loved what I had with her. The sex, the love, the affection the fun, i didn't want it to end. I've tried with other girls but have given up because it doesn't feel like it did with her. It even saddens me thee memories are faded.

I want what i had with her back. I'm obsessed about it. I tell myself she wasn't that great and she doesn't care abut me and to move on but the reality is im still obsessed and want her back. that's the truth. sad yes, pathetic yes. What can I do?

I already go to the gym, read books, and do all that but it doesn't wrk.