Hello everyone

I'm noticing more and more some patterns with the women surrounding me (20's) Mostly they strive for attention and doesn't care for individuality, only the numbers and in the result, makes every man talking to them quite disposable and forgetable The thing that made me realise this is firstly that most of the girls i've talked to didn't "came back" at me, I always had to be the motor of the conversation and say hello or I would just be alone And secondly is that recently, I got added by an "artsy" girl to a discord server and it just baffled me There's 30+ men for 2 girls, and every dude are super kind with her, are an endless fuel of compliments and reassurance

Meanwhile, each time they got the occasion, the girls put down the guys, insult them, are openly bold and uncaring and NEVER returned any compliment in the short time I was in the server. Most baffling thing is that they show the thousands of DMs they do everyday with an neverending supply of dudes and it's insane how the dudes are so mistreated and toyed with. In a way I feel like they go on with men who has the most value they can give (the most attention, most kindness...) at a particular moment, which means each and everyone of us is in a perpetual competition and if we flinch for 2 seconds the game is lost. I've never been really competitive at first and so i've got a few questions :

How to battle against this ? How to win in the game of attention and basic human needs if they don't need to bat an eye to have quite everything ? What can I read to learn more ? What can I do to free myself from this disposable/value-circle ? How to find a girl who's out of this loop, if there even one that exists ? One that primes individuality before anything else ? Why do we gotta do tons of thing to improve while they doesn't need to ?

Thanks for reading and helping my surely naive and blooming thoughts.